“somehow we shall live our lives no matter what happens to us”

August 12, 2011 in Uncategorized by the salon:collective

One of our salon:photographers, Kim Hardy, visited the site of a recent London riot. This is what he had to say:

“Seeing how quickly latent frustration can quickly erupt in pockets of random hysteria really scares me. The reality of standing next to a furniture store that had been the life of a community and a family for 5 generations still burning in front of me after the mis-guided had acted on (what I can only feel is a cry for help) still echoes within me. it was the faces of the community that got to me, in amongst their shock and an attempt to perhaps make light of the situation I noticed, in the peeks and troughs of their experience, a deep sadness that somehow unified every-one.” – Kim Hardy

“Somehow we shall live our lives no matter what happens to us” – Three Sisters, Chekhov

Chekhov was a pretty wise man. And through our salon:bites rehearsals we tapped into a universal truth that resonated with us…and even more so now in light of the past week. Although life can be tough, it is the human spirit which is the toughest.

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