Occupy:Loved Up!

February 24, 2012 in Article, Shows by the salon:collective



Valentine’s Day 2012 saw an occupation of The Cockpit. The Occupy:Love movement, reclaimed the true spirit of love (warts and all) and through the works of Shakespeare told a story of jealousy, lust, commitment and betrayal

The evening also was creative for our audience as we put them infront of the camera to make a short film about love, called ‘Love Is…?’

We thank all our audience and Lliana Bird for making this video possible. WE LOVE YOU!

Watch just below.


Occupy:Love and the ‘Love Is…?’ kick started our Shakespeare Season, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more Bard related activities.

Occupy: Love was the culmination of a 4 week course taught by the salon:collective called salon bites: shakespeare. The participants received vocal classes with Head of Voice at DSL, Dewi Hughes, Shakespeare Masterclasses from Lizzie Hughes and Text Analysis with Mesiner Technique from Dominic Kelly.

The evening also turned The Cockpit Bar into a Love Shack, where the audience enjoyed adding Shrigley-esque drawings the ‘Love’ or the ‘Hate’ walls, having their palms read in the Wiccan Corner, writing lewd poetry in the toilets and appearing in our ‘Love Is…’ video.

Photos of the production and rehearsals are below and the ‘Love Is…’ video is at the top of the post. Scroll down (or up!) and enjoy!

Production photos taken by Nikki Leigh-Scott, and rehearsal photos taken by Dominic Kelly.



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