Starting April 10th

(Tuesdays, 11-2pm, Studio 3, The Cockpit)


Be led through 6 modules covering the Meisner Technique in Acting

These classes are open to all stages of Meisner training; be you a Meisner newbie or an actor experienced in the technique, Dominic will lead you through all the stages. All participants will need to speak with Dominic, attend a drop-in class or take the beginners module before progressing.

“Acting isn’t lying, it’s telling the deepest truth. The Sanford Meisner Technique is defined as the simple act of doing–of action borne on emotion, which takes place one honest moment at a time.”
– Sanford Meisner

Dominic teaches in a very relaxed yet focused way. With great honesty, respect, humour and sensitivity, he is able to tap into whatever it is you need as an actor to be the very best that you can be.



The classes will cover the repetition exercise, improvisation, creating relationships, creating character, approaching text and scene work. These classes will be small in size, so each person can benefit from individual, indepth attention.

Exercises learnt in Meisner Modules can be brought into Meisner Drop-in (a twice-weekly drop-in class) to practice. Each person will be allowed to progress onto the next module when Dominic has felt that they have processed and grasped the skill fully.

Dominic Kelly’s classes capture the same unique spirit and essence I received whilst studying at the Neighbourhood Playhouse, the birthplace and home of the Meisner technique.

- NEIL ALLEN, actor

Module 1 – An Introduction to Meisner (5 Classes) 


Starting April 10th, ongoing throughout the year (Tuesdays, 11-2pm, Studio 3, The Cockpit)

“The truth of ourselves is the root of our acting.” Sanford Meisner.

This class offers a comprehensive study of all levels of the repetition exercise, which builds a foundation for all other training in the Meisner technique.

These exercises teach the actor how to deal with self consciousness and  how to respond authentically  ’in-the-moment’.

The repetition exercise begins to highlight ‘blocks’ and patterns of behaviour inherent in your work, and these will limit your range as an actor. Dominic will sensitively, but with a firm grip, steer you through the process.

After this course you will have a strong foundation to apply to all your future auditions, recalls, theatre and film work. You will also learn that courage in your work will provide you with the best of yourself.

“You know it’s all right to be wrong, but it’s not all right not to try.” Sanford Meisner.


Module 2 – Improvisation (6 classes) 

March 5th – April 16th (Mondays, 7-10pm, Studio 3, The Cockpit Theatre)

Improvisation is the natural progression of the repetition exercise teaching you how to deepen your work.

It simulates a scene-like situation. It is a key stage in the Mesiner Technique as it teaches you how to defeat self consciousness when alone onstage, how to prepare before you entrances, and how to work with your partner in the moment to enhance and develop your emotional and intellectual capacity to create/improvise in the moment.

You will be taught how to work with your partner in order to live truthfully through imaginative scenarios. You will also be introduced to the method of emotional preparation.

This will further develop your emotional range and ability to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances”, which is the benchmark for any Meisner-trained actor.


Module 3 – Complex Improvisation (6 Classes)  

May 14th – June 18th (Mondays, 7-10pm, Studio 3, The Cockpit Theatre)

This is an enhancement of the skills picked up in Module 2, but with knobs on!

Once you have learnt the basics of improvisation, you will begin to learn how to add complexities and layers to the situations. You will learn the nuances and subtleties available to you in the moment with your partner, and how to set up an improvisation yourself.

By introducing you to very simple and practicable methods you will be creating imaginative relationships with your partner, expanding your ability to create story and practicing tools/actions in the discovery of finding out how to truthfully get what you want, in the moment.

This course will stretch your emotional acting range further and allow you to use the skills you are developing creatively. It also teaches you how to make simple decisions that register a complex effect.

Price: £160


 Module 4 – Text Analysis & Emotional Preparation

May 17th – May 21st (weekend retreat)

Text Analysis is one of the most important skills to have under your belt as an actor.

This retreat weekend will transport you into a space where you can devote your attention to really soaking up and processing this great skill.

You will learn a very simple approach to understanding text. Based on Meisner’s own text analysis system and then David Mamet’s system of Practical Aesthetics, you will be immersed in Gaby Santinelli’s clever and dynamic blending of the two. Using intellect to be simple, not complicated, and your emotions, this system is fool proof.

You will learn how to convert text, seemingly complex and full of options, into readings and performances that are strong, emotionally true, and dynamic.  You will also learn how to prepare yourself emotionally for a scene using your imagination.

These skills are instantly applicable to any text that may get thrown at you; your ability to prepare for sight reading, auditions and rehearsals will grown ten-fold.

Price: TBC


Module 5 – Monologues & Characterisation  (6 sessions)

July 16th- Aug 20th (Mondays, 7-10pm, Studio 3, The Cockpit Theatre)

This module takes what you have learnt about text analysis as we apply it to monologues, which you will be developing in class. You will apply improvisation skills to find hidden depth to your monologue, text analysis will enable to you play it truthfully and deeply, and you will learn how to add ‘character’ to your work.

This consolidation of the previous modules, allows you to now bring in a sense of play and theatricality to the technique. You will learn how to apply a sense of truth in your performance to different genres and will learn how to add characteristics, such as drunk, physically handicapped, accents whilst still remaining connected to your performance.

This module begins to work the threads of the technique together, sewing together the technique with the reality of being an actor. You will start to see how to apply your technique to last minute castings, and long rehearsal processes.

Price: £160


Module 6 – Scene Work (8 classes) 

(Dates: TBC)

This course is the combination of all the skills you have been taught. You will learn how to play a scene with your partner, rich in emotional colour, and full of instinctive choices.

You will concentrate on a scene, applying text analysis, running improvisations with your partner, and applying character and emotional preparation.

Price TBC


These modules will give you a new confidence in your abilities as an authentic, impulsive actor. You will gain an independence, specificity and most importantly, flexibility in your work that will carry you through your career as an actor.

Skills taught through out the courses are:

Beginners Repetition, Independent Activities, Simple and Complex Improvisations, Relationship Exercises, Tools, Script Analysis, Cold Reading, Audition Preparation, Character Work, Monologues and Scene Work.

Classes are small so do book now, to secure a space.

If you are interested, please email –salonclasses@gmail.com

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