Sharpen Up Your Shakespeare

March 28, 2012 in Classes, Recommendation by the salon:collective

About the course:

“If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know Shakespeare well enough to be able to perform it, then I can’t express enough how much Lizzie is the best person to guide you. She lives and breathes the language!”
Mary-Anne Cafferkey

What is it?

4 week course designed to deliver skills for actors in decoding & performing Shakespeare’s text, & beginning to apply those skills.

You will get a thorough grounding in understanding & working with Shakespeare’s text. Areas of work will include: meter, vocabulary, prose & poetry, using punctuation, identifying areas of emphasis within the text, using the sounds, and more!

This will improve confidence in facing Shakespeare, & practical tools for decoding his text & tackling any part or speech.

Shakespeare will become accessible, enjoyable & rewarding to work with.

“Lizzie knows Shakespeare inside and out. Not only is she brilliant at explaining the tricky bits that you never understood at school, she also genuinely infects you with a passion for all the beauty and human drama that lies within.”
Megan Hockley

Who you will be working with?

It is said that if you follow Shakespeare’s punctuation, you will never run out if breath; this is true, but there is much, much more to be found in his text!
Lizzie has been a teacher & actor for 20 years, working all that time with text. She has two English degrees, a BA (Hons) from Hull University, & an MA from Leeds University, plus a PGCE in English from Oxford University. She taught English as a schoolteacher for two years, before training as an actor & discovering the joys of pursuing text from the angle of performing it, rather than producing essays on it. She kept up the academic side of her work through working as an English tutor.

Shakespeare has been a fascination for her since she was first taken to The Tempest at the RSC’s old Swan Theatre in Stratford-on-Avon at the age of 8; throughout her school education, studying Shakespeare plays continued to involve & expand her understanding. It was workshopping with the Original Shakespeare Company that opened up to her the side of Shakespeare’s writing which is directed at the actors for whom it was written, not academic students – for whom it was never intended.

Lizzie’s work is designed to make Shakespeare accessible to all actors, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, then to blend an intellectual understanding with the practical skills needed to bring text & characters fully to life on stage & screen.

“Lizzie really knows her Shakespeare backwards and has tremendous attention to detail. She is very encouraging as well as thorough, and will dispel any fear you may have of tackling Shakespeare texts.”
Geraldine Brennan

How much is it? 

£125 for 4 sessions

When do I need to be available?
Times: 6.30-9.30pm, Tuesday evenings, in Studio 3

Payment Method
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125.00 GBP for 4 classes

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