salon:bytes Series 1

salon:Bytes was the culmination of, as with most great ideas, an airing of frustrations over lunch. How do we best communicate who we are, what we believe in and open up a forum with our audience?

After having watched Maria Forleo’s videos online, we realised that her generosity and informative, informal videos were something we all enjoyed, but also felt inspired by. So thanks to Maria for sharing her entrepreneurial spirit. Without you, these videos may never have come to fruition.

We hope you enjoy them and gain insight from our teaching.

salon:Bytes 01

Dominic Kelly tells his story of how drama school almost convinced him that he couldn’t access his emotions on stage. He offers an exercise that helped him realise how to open up and connect in his acting.

salon:Bytes 02

Gaby Santinelli tells her story of how she has integrated her knowledge of Mamet’s text analysis system and Meisner’s emotional imaginative life into a concrete approach for actors to engage in immediately.

salon:Bytes 03

Gaby and Dom use pie charts and dry erase boards to explain what makes a ‘Complete Actor’. Oh, and Dom wears a dickie bow…

salon:Bytes 04

This video was also used to advertise a course we were running. The video still has some relevance and will help you understand in more detail how we teach our methodology.

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